Flaky Models : (

* Tina Quarles (CinnamonBliss from MM) 7/3/06
- Emailed to cancel 2 days before shooting after already confirming and herself selecting shoot date a week prior. Gave no reason.
* Brandi Hofmeister 1/25/08
- Scheduled several days to shoot.  Spoke to and confirmed with the day BEFORE shooting.  Model       ignored all further communication. Follow up: Said she "lost" her phone (sure, we believe you), rescheduled and flaked again. Yikes!*
* Ralina Lia (Ralina Marie) 7/4/09
- Total flake. Sweet girl but has no clue at being reliable and able to use a phone. Scheduled to shoot 3    days but opted to party in LA rather than shoot and she said she was really serious about modeling. Yup that proved it. We''ll see how far the partying will get you.
* Michelle Amara (Michelle Jacot) 10/15/09
- Okay with this one, it's so odd it's comical. Hot but spacey. So we schedule a shoot about 2 weeks in advance. A few days before the shoot, she doesn't "feel right" and doesn't feel she looks good enough and wants to cancel and postpone. Talk with her and she's back in action. The day before the shoot, again wants to cancel and reschedule saying she's unsure of shooting and wants to wait til she feels better and not sure if modeling is what she wants to do as she has too many things going on in her life. Again I speak with her and she's back in action. Less than 30min later she texts me and says she's changed her mind AGAIN and doesn't want to shoot. Huh? WTF? What's with this woman? At least she owned up and said, "If you wanna list me as a flake then fine, my fault." Michelle you got your wish. You are a flake. You are a sweetheart but you have no idea what you want to do with your life. A teen in an adult's body. All I can say is WOW!!! No regard for someone's time. I want to model now, but wait, maybe I don't. Ay caramba!
Flaky Models