So I guess you want to know a little more about me and how I started in this whole photography deal, right? If not, click a link and go enjoy some pix. Otherwise, keep reading below and learn a little about myself.
So where should I start?  Probably the best way I can describe myself is a "rocker" turned photographer.  I should first mention that I've NEVER taken any photography classes.  Everything I've learned has been through practice or by reading books or magazines, or just by frustration.  Hehe. 
I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am of Latin descent.  I read/write/speak Spanish fluently as well.  I grew up listening to Metal/Rock bands and really dig a lot of the 80's bands (Dokken, Ratt, Racer X, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Lizzy Borden, Black N Blue, Queensryche, Scorpions, TNT, Testament, etc.).  I've gone to lots of video shoots, plenty of autograph sessions and tons of concerts.
After graduating from High School, I went to Musician's Institute (music school in Hollywood, CA) to study guitar, grow my hair long, and become a "guitar god."  I graduated but never became a deity. : (  I did, however, meet lots of bands and musicians and had a great time just learning music. After leaving there I ventured to college and attained an A.A. in Humanities and a B.A. in Psychology. 
This photography thing really all started as a fluke.  I was going to college for my B.A. and ran into a girl that needed a photog for a fashion show she was putting together with her club.  My cousin was doing photography at the time and so I asked him if he'd shoot it.  He wanted to charge too much for their budget.  So I figured I'd do it and have some fun.  Of course the idea of having "models" around was somewhat enticing. So I bought a Canon Ellan II and shot the event.  The organizers loved the pix and I got paid a small sum for my efforts.  Then from there I started shooting more with some amateurs I'd meet.  I would approach anyone I thought would be good to photograph, whether I was at the mall, walking down the street, my job, at a store, anywhere. 
Now, since 1996, and tons of pix later, I've somewhat established myself.  I'm not famous but looks as though word of my work gets around and have been fortunate to work with the people I have. I thank everyone who's taken the time to shoot with me. I hope I can continue to get great shots that people appreciate and maybe someday I can do this full-time.  I really don't know why people find my work appealing but if it works why question it, right?

Thanks for taking the time